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Why LOOkX?

LOOkX is no ordinary brand. LOOkX is fresh and attractive and thinks out of the box for the self-aware woman who loves make-up, skincare and beautiful accessories, all developed by the team that is the target group.


LOOkX sets high standards for the quality and safety of its products. We use natural , caring and direct effect ingredients from the best iotechnical laboratory in Europe with high active proportions, in contemporary designed packaging.

> Innovative formulas (innovation comes first)

> Trendy and fashionable

> No animal testing

> Natural and caring ingredients

> Skinfriendly

> Free of mineral oils

Our marketing

Tag along

LOOkX puts a lot of energy in marketing and PR for our brand reputation and our salons. For years our marketing team is working on a solid relationship with press and messaging on different platforms to improve branding and reputation.

Joined webshops

LOOkX online

LOOkX online shop After extensive consultation with our LOOkX partners we sell LOOkX Make-up and LOOkX Skincare together online at our web shop. The advantage of a joint web shop is that we counter price fighting and ensure professional websites, shipment and service for our beautiful brand. Without our partners loosing margin. Together with the salon we offer this great website, where consumers can get our products online.


Staying ahead of the current

A team of researchers use all their knowledge in the development of LOOkX Skincare and make-up products. The LOOkX Skincare laboratory is in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The laboratory is one of the absolute top facilities in Europe and specialises in the development of biotechnological products.

LOOkX Academy

Expand your knowledge

Working as a successful LOOkX Skincare expert asks for product knowledge and experience about modern and innovative LOOkX Skincare and skin improvement treatments and products. LOOkX Skincare offers beauticians the possibility to take part in training to become skin expert.