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Our marketing

Do you find it important that the LOOkX products you use are well known and get attention? So do we! LOOkX puts a lot of energy in marketing and PR for our brand reputation and our salons. For years our marketing team is working on a solid relationship with press and messaging on different platforms to improve branding and reputation. Such as trendy magazines and online channels. Also participation in international events and festivals.

Next to this we constantly prepare professional promotional material and collateral for your salon but also how to videos. This way we support product launches with online campaigns and relevant promotional material for your salon. Beautiful merchandise, like displays and posters but also easy to use social media pictures. Next to our trend brochures we make sure that the relevant magazines and other influencers like websites and bloggers and vloggers pay attention to LOOkX. Our consumers stay up to date with our newsletter full of trends, tips and tricks and new products.

We offer several start packages to our salons and dealers, including a large array of merchandising, like brochures, posters, displays, samples, etc. Basically everything needed to grow our business. Fully adaptable to your own wishes and demands.

A newsletters keeps our affiliates up to date on the latest campaigns. And we make sure there’s room to share experience and build on knowledge online and offline. We can even offer graphical support if you need assistance creating designs such as logo’s.