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LOOkX online shop

LOOkX online, benefits for you!

Did you know that 1 out of 3 women buys her cosmetics online?
LOOkX Group has developed a unique formula that allows you as an affiliate to benefit from online sales to consumers (www.lookx.com and www.janssen-cosmetics.com). We offer the possibility to receive a margin of up to 75% for every sold product.

LOOkX webshop: how does it work? You sign a contract for a year and receive a link that you can place on your own website. Your customer can place an order via this link, we will take care of the order and delivery (within the Netherlands). Margin will be paid as a voucher, you can settle future orders with this voucher.


Extra online promotion for your salon and website.

Keep low stock. No more products in stock? Direct your customer tot he website and receive the margin yourself.

Risk of order and delivery lies with LOOkX.

For an example of this formula visit: www.allpeople.nl
Contact your account manager for more details or contact LOOkX Group for possibilities outside the Netherlands.