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LOOkX  Research & development

A team of researchers use all their knowledge in the development of LOOkX Skincare and make-up products. The LOOkX Skincare laboratory is in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The laboratory is one of the absolute top facilities in Europe and specialises in the development of biotechnological products. This means that the laboratory constantly researches the special effects of natural ingredients in combination with active substances. Innovation and efficacy of ingedrients and formulas are at the core of our product development. The best of science combined with the power of nature.


LOOkX Make-up products are developed by specialist ‘colour experts’ near Milan in Italy, who work closely with the concept team in the Netherlands and with Italian fashion designers and catwalk make-up artists.


“LOOkX is a ‘way of living’ for everyone that cares about fair, high quality products.”


If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to innovate. It’s essential to stay a step ahead of others and recognize trends in an early stage. The name Dr. Roland Sacher guarantees skincare products of impeccable quality. Since JANSSEN COSMETICS was founded in the early nineties, the expertise of Dr. Sacher, doctor in biological science, formed the base for the development of these skincare products. Starting point in our cooperation is the scientific approach of cosmetics. JANSSEN COSMETICS R&D never stands still. New complexes of active ingredients, processing methods or analyses are immediately tested and integrated in new developments. Resulting in an impressive portfolio that, although it may need intensive training, satisfies every wish.